Product Warranty…

Hardwood flooring manufactured by R.J.B. is guaranteed to meet the specifications of grade as published by R.J.B. Any material that does not meet requirements as specified in the purchase order, returned undamaged, physically or by moisture, to R.J.B. within 10 days of purchase will be replaced with acceptable material of same grade and species, or at our option refund payment.

Short pieces and leftover or extra material and or broken bundles are not returnable or refundable under this warranty. All material must be checked for damage and for correct species, grade and width at the time of delivery. In most cases, the final responsibility for grade acceptance lies with the installer. Once used, the product is deemed acceptable by the purchaser and R.J.B. will not be held liable.

On local jobs it is advisable to order exact quantities of materials that are in normal inventory and if more material is needed it can be picked up anytime to avoid accumulating extra material that cannot be returned.

Always recheck material estimates and allow extra for special orders. Setting up to run a small amount of a special order could be expensive and cause unnecessary delays in the project.

All millwork meeting purchase agreements are nonreturnable. Please recheck purchase orders for accuracy.

Shipping Notice…

The hardwood flooring contained in your package has been inspected for quality and grade and has been manufactured and stored below 8% moisture content.

Check immediately upon receipt for:

   1. Correct Amount of Material.

   2. Moisture Content Level Not Above 8%.

   3. Proper Grade, Species, and Width of Flooring.

Store in a warm dry place.  Do NOT store directly on concrete.

This hardwood flooring has been milled to tolerances of .005" below 8% Moisture Content. Acclimation of this flooring to higher moisture contents prior to installation could result in difficult or snug fitting tongue and grooves. This material should be installed on no less than ¾" UL Plywood (of not more than 10% moisture content) screwed to joists. Area of installation should be dry and heated to room temperature at least 5 days prior to installation. If there is any question about the material, DO NOT INSTALL and contact your distributor immediately.

R.J.B. accepts no responsibility for material that has been altered, damaged, or handled incorrectly.


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